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Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota is the business and economic center of the region along the Mura river.

“In the Middle ages, its urban development was dictated by roads that connected the German lands to Ogrska. The cultural and artistic image of Murska Sobota is maintained by its cultural establishments: the Regional museum, the Gallery, the Regional library and the Association of cultural societies. The tourist trade is enriched by events such as the Sobota days, the aero-meeting, Theresa’s fair and Nicholas’s fair.” (source:

Newest attraction in Murska Sobota, marketed as the doors to the whole region is Expano at the Sobota Lake. More useful information about the whole region Prekmurje >>

You might also be interested to visit the region on the other side of the river Mura, Prlekija with the capitol city Ljutomer, its excellent wines and beautiful wineyards , and discover another interesting dialect.

Venue address: Open-Air Swimming Pool Murska Sobota, Kopališka ulica 43, 9000 Murska Sobota ( )

Closest airport: Graz Airport.

Distance from airport to venue: 104 km (aternative route: 83 km).

8 tripsadvisor’s Things to Do in Murska Sobota
Babič Mill on Mura
Park Fazanarija

home > 2019 mevza u18 > info > host city


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