What to expect at the Cona Beach Camp?

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Cona Beach Camp includes 5 nights, full board in a 3* Hotel Zvezda in Murska Sobota. Double & single rooms available. Training days from Monday to Saturday morning, with King & Queen of the Beach tournament on Thursday afternoon & whole day tournament on Saturday. Last but definitely not least, bicycle trip to the Island of Love on the river Mura.

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Cona, poletni kamp odbojke na mivki vključuje 5 nočitev kot polni penzion v 3* hotelu Zvezda v Murski Soboti. Dvo- in enoposteljne sobe so na voljo. Trening vsak dan od ponedeljka zvečer do sobote zjutraj, tekmovanje za kralja in kraljico soboške mivke v četrtek popoldne in celodnevni zaključni turnir v soboto. Nenazadnje, doživeli bomo kolesarski izlet na Otok ljubezni ob reki Muri.

What’s Included?

  • 5 nights in Zvezda 3* Hotel;
  • Double & Single Rooms available;
  • Full Board – including picnic lunch on Saturday afternoon;
  • Training days from Monday evening to Friday evening;
  • Two morning training sessions each day except on the King & Queen of beach tournament;
  • Tournament on Saturday;
  • Free swimming every day, swimming trainer available on Thursday morning;
  • All days afternoon play either open play or competitions;
  • King & Queen of the Beach competition;
  • Shuttle available if required, from the Graz airport;
  • Extra nights accommodation available on request;
  • Family and Friends can stay too, just email us for info.

What about the Beach Volleyball?

Like our other camps, we will provide a fun, social atmosphere in which we will aim to improve the already committed beach volleyball players of all levels over four and a half intensive days of coaching and two tournament days. Cona beach camp has a maximum of 32 people run over 4 courts with a minimum of one experienced and certified coach per court (per eight players) plus one assistant trainer. In addition, there are open play sessions every afternoon with competitions with two tournaments to enter.

home > beach volley > 2019 cona beach camp > what to expect at the cona beach camp?


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